Sokol Žižkov Basketball club has currently 9 teams in 7 different leagues. Our top team plays Czech 2nd division. Two of our teams play in the first and two in the second Prague championship and our junior team U19  plays in the second Czech junior division. We have also recently opened basketball and sports classes for kids under 11. Teams of cathegory U11, U12, U15, U17 also.

Do you want to play basketball in our club or do you have a kid who wants to play with us ? Feel free to contact one of the coaches and ask.

Our gym is located in the center of Prague, at the bottom of the Vitkov hill. It could be reached by bus either from the metro station Florenc (B,C) or from Flora (A). Bus stops near the gym are Rokycanova (136, 175) or Tachovske namesti (133, 175, 207, 509).

For more information contact our English speaking coach – Jan Pospíšil, +420 602 346 870, pospisil@basketzizkov.cz.